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Creativity is a journey that begins with sensitivity and exploration.

Everything has the potential to be a creative muse as we observe, listen, taste, touch, and experience throughout life. But if we only collect, or passively absorb life’s textures, we can become overwhelmed with our library of unrealized possibilities, and never take action to create. The key to healthy creativity is balancing chaos and structure: learning how to store, filter, process, and recall these inspirations in new relational combinations – connecting the unconnected in a way that afterwards seems natural.

When we live our journey as curators of treasure meant to be shared, and let go of the fear of failure or rejection, there are no mistakes … only discoveries.

Creativity is a paradox. It communicates in a universal language, but cannot be fully understood outside the story of its creator. It flows graciously like a beautiful river bringing life, but has the power to destroy if it’s held captive. Creativity must move. It must be released. Creativity is a tension between the heart, mind, and spirit – an emotional expression of spirit that both defies and clarifies logic. It almost makes sense – until it does, and then it doesn’t. It must be practiced in order to grow, but will die if over rehearsed. Creative process is not robotic muscle memory of a repetitive task. It is learning to unlearn the constraints that previously limited our finite perspective. We never master the art of creativity. It is not a destination. It’s a pilgrimage up a never ending mountain with the Creator, providing greater purpose with every step.

Enjoy the Journey.

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