Soak Up The Sun


Soak Up the Sun

Branding and label design for Silver Hand Meadery’s I’m Yours, a semi-sweet metheglin created with raspberry blossom honey, fair trade organic cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans.
Silver Hand Meadery meads are inspired by music. The Meadery founder, Glenn Lavender is a musician and has performed with Downhere (including the famous Marc Martel of Queen). The brand is colorful, energetic, and symbolic of themes found in the lyrics of famous songs from which the mead recipes are inspired. Labels are designed to pop on a shelf to grab the customer’s attention and keep them interested with each glass poured by incorporating subtle details and symbolic easter eggs.



Bottle Label


Silver Hand Meadery


Creative Direction
“I’m looking up. I’m gonna soak up the sun.”
Soak Up the Sun


No matter the season, it always feels like summer with this refreshing semi-sweet mead born from orange blossoms. Citrus notes blend with grape overtones in a perfect combo for soaking up the rays! Savor what is good.
Soak Up the Sun


Soak Up the Sun Detail - Sun
Subtle 45 rpm adapter in the middle of the sun.
Soak Up the Sun Detail - Oranges
Bees flying around orange blossoms.
Metallic silver outlines.
Orange detail.
Soak Up the Sun


This mead is bright and laid back, just like the song Soak Up the Sun by Sheryl Crow. The design needed to feel like summer with a bright mustard sun and hazy blue sky. I initially blended a sun with a 45 rpm record. Dandelions are everywhere during summertime, so I added a dandelion to the center and surrounded it with music note dandelion seeds floating in the breeze. Although this initial concept felt like summer, it did not convey the flavor of the mead which comes from the orange blossom honey (not oranges themselves). So, I worked through several versions and finally landed on a design which featured an orange tree with a few oranges and several orange blossoms surrounded by buzzing bees. In the background, a warm mustard sun shines rays through the deep blue sky.
Final Label Design