Raspberry Passion


Raspberry Passion

Branding and label design for Silver Hand Meadery’s Raspberry Passion mead.
Silver Hand Meadery meads are inspired by music. The Meadery founder, Glenn Lavender is a musician and has performed with Downhere (including the famous Marc Martel of Queen). The brand is colorful, energetic, and symbolic of themes found in the lyrics of famous songs from which the mead recipes are inspired. Labels are designed to pop on a shelf to grab the customer’s attention and keep them interested with each glass poured by incorporating subtle details and symbolic easter eggs.



Bottle Label


Silver Hand Meadery


Creative Direction
“It had to be purple.”
Raspberry Passion


Raspberry Passion is a two-handed arpeggio between raspberry and passionfruit; a virtuoso fusion of sweet and tart flavors that flow as smooth as a guitar solo cranked up to eleven. Boldly be still and savor what is good.
Raspberry Passion Bottle
Raspberry Passion


Raspberry Passion Guitar
Passionfruit flower guitar.
Raspberry Passion Amp
Stylized guitar amp in background.
Raspberry Passion Etched Raspberry
Metallic etched raspberry.
Raspberry Passion Purple Lights
Purple stage lights.
Raspberry Passion


The mead recipe includes raspberry blossom honey and passionfruit. Raspberries work well as design elements, but passionfruits have an unpleasant texture. So I focused on the passionfruit flower instead. The primary color had to be purple. The first song that came to mind was Prince’s Raspberry Beret and then Joe Satriani’s Raspberry Jam (which almost became the name of the mead). I initially sketched a guitar player with a raspberry head in front of a stack of amps, but the design was too similar to my design for another Silver Hand Mead called All Blues (All Blues is a blueberry playing the trumpet). My second iteration was a passionfruit flower surrounded by raspberries, but it lacked the energy of the initial design. So finally, I turned the passionfruit flower into the body of the guitar and surrounded it with raspberries which explode out from the center. The guitar amp stacks are subtle design elements in the background and bright purple stage lights whine through a texture of fog. The design almost feels paisley, which connects well as an homage to Prince.

Final Label Design