La Berry Bamba bottle


La Berry Bamba

Branding and label design for Silver Hand Meadery’s La Berry Bamba, a melomel bombed with loads of strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, and blackberries.
Silver Hand Meadery meads are inspired by music. The Meadery founder, Glenn Lavender is a musician and has performed with Downhere (including the famous Marc Martel of Queen). The brand is colorful, energetic, and symbolic of themes found in the lyrics of famous songs from which the mead recipes are inspired. Labels are designed to pop on a shelf to grab the customer’s attention and keep them interested with each glass poured by incorporating subtle details and symbolic easter eggs.



Bottle Label


Silver Hand Meadery


Creative Direction
To dance the Bamba, you need a little grace.
La Berry Bamba


Crafted with a little grace, La Berry Bamba is a festive mead fill of strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, and blueberries. It’s the captain of sweet flavor and so delicious you’ll want to sing and dance.
La Berry Bamba Mead
La Berry Bamba


La Berry Bamba sombrero
Sombrero with fruit tassels.
La Berry Bamba Maracas
Stylized maracas with outline
La Berry Bamba guitar
Stylized guitar
La Berry Bamba music notes and ribbons
Music notes and ribbons
La Berry Bamba


La Bamba was originally a Mexican folk song before Ritchie Valens remade it into the popular rockabilly hit in the 1950s. The recipe included a ton of colorful fruit, which work well to pay homage to Mexican folk art, with vibrant colors and simple music iconography from the region. The first imagery that came to mind was a sombrero. I tied it into the theme with oversized fruit (blackberry, raspberry, blueberry, and strawberry) hanging as tassels from the sombrero, which floats in a traditional arched mission window. A stylized guitar and set of maracas adorn the edges of the window to reinforce the musical theme. The background is filled with musical notes and curves that are symbolic of the colorful ribbons which typically hang during a festival or celebration. I included a candy skull and piƱata in an early design but removed it at the client’s request.
Final Label Design