I'm Your mead bottle


I’m Yours

Branding and label design for Silver Hand Meadery’s I’m Yours, a semi-sweet metheglin created with raspberry blossom honey, fair trade organic cocoa nibs, and vanilla beans.
Silver Hand Meadery meads are inspired by music. The Meadery founder, Glenn Lavender is a musician and has performed with Downhere (including the famous Marc Martel of Queen). The brand is colorful, energetic, and symbolic of themes found in the lyrics of famous songs from which the mead recipes are inspired. Labels are designed to pop on a shelf to grab the customer’s attention and keep them interested with each glass poured by incorporating subtle details and symbolic easter eggs.



Bottle Label


Silver Hand Meadery


Creative Direction
Signed, sealed, and delivered … I’m yours!
I’m Yours


I’m Yours is an awestruck wonder for the palate. Fall in love over and over again with this semi-sweet mead that is signed, sealed, and delivered with Raspberry honey, cocoa nibs, and vanilla.
I'm Yours Bottle
I’m Yours


I'm Yours signature
Signature, cancelled air mail, and piercing
I'm Yours arrow head and Japanese character
Arrow head and Japanese character
I'm Yours arrow tails
Arrow tails and Japanese character
I'm Yours fire
I’m Yours


Designed especially for Valentines Day and inspired by Stevie Wonder’s Signed, Sealed, and Delivered, this label incorporates a lot of symbolism. The song is a mid-tempo Motown classic, featuring hooky riffs, punchy brass, and a bass line and percussion that make you want to grab a partner and dance. My initial concept was a sun and moon embracing in an electric kiss, symbolic of opposite attraction. This idea didn’t tie into the song as well as I hoped, so I continued to explore symbolism. As I looped the song several times, I imagined lightning exploding from a heart and lighting up the darkness – a big bang of sorts, that is the birth of true love. I was able to use much of the original design in the background (I really liked the colors). The final design includes contrasting background colors which meet in the middle with a heart-shaped valentine card. The card includes a Celtic heart knot, a canceled air postage stamp, and the signature, “Yours Truly” to tie into the lyric “signed, sealed, and delivered”. An early concept included an actual Stevie Wonder signature, but we deemed it was too on the nose. The heart valentine is pierced by three arrows symbolizing perfect love and the Japanese characters for “True Love” glow in the background. Sparks and fire shoot out from the heart signifying the energy that comes from being united in love. All of these design elements are printed on a shiny silver material and screened with subtle transparency levels to create a reflective glow that pops.
Final Label Design