Humulus Project Rethink and Survey

Humulus Project

The brewers at Life Is Brewing developed a new line of India Pale Ales that did not fit into the existing brand catalog, so I developed an entirely new branding imprint called the Humulus Project. Everything about this brand is bold and demands attention. The design jumps off the shelf, the copywriting is introspective. This brand is designed to be enjoyed without distraction at the end of the day as you reflect on things that matter most.

Boldly Unwind


Rethink Humulus Logo

The Humulus logo is derived from the Humulone molecular structure, an organic acid, is a bitter-tasting chemical compound found in the resin of mature hops (Humulus lupulus). Humulone is a prevalent member of the class of compounds known as alpha acids, which collectively give hopped beer its characteristic bitter flavor.

Humulone image below.

Humulus Molecule