Coffee Cantata

Branding and label design for Silver Hand Meadery’s Coffee Cantata mead.
Silver Hand Meadery meads are inspired by music. The Meadery founder, Glenn Lavender is a musician and has performed with Downhere (including the famous Marc Martel of Queen). The brand is colorful, energetic, and symbolic of themes found in the lyrics of famous songs from which the mead recipes are inspired. Labels are designed to pop on a shelf to grab the customer’s attention and keep them interested with each glass poured by incorporating subtle details and symbolic easter eggs.



Bottle Label


Silver Hand Meadery


Creative Direction
“A cup of Bach”
Coffee Cantata


More delicious than a thousand kisses, Coffee Cantata will wake your senses. How sweet the taste of this must-have mead fermented with mesquite and blueberry blossom honey.
Coffee Cantata Bottle
Coffee Cantata


Coffe Cantata Mug
Mug with Bach’s seal
Bach Vapor
Bach rising like vapor from a mug
Ferns symbolic of fascination
Coffee Pattern
Coffee Pattern and musical score
Coffee Cantata


“Coffee Cantata”, also known as “Schweigt stille, plaudert nicht” by Johann Sebastian Bach tells of an addiction to coffee, including lines like “If I couldn’t, three times a day, be allowed to drink my little cup of coffee, in my anguish I will turn into a shriveled-up roast goat”. A cantata is a vocal composition with an instrumental accompaniment, typically in several movements, often involving a choir. These details drove the branding concept for this mead which is a collaboration with a local coffee shop.

From the beginning, I had this idea of Bach’s head rising like steam from a coffee mug. I experimented with various graphical styles to accomplish the desired look and finally landed on a concept that looks like a bust of Bach made of vapor rising from a mug embellished with Bach’s official seal. The scene is framed with golden spirals and ferns which symbolize fascination and includes a background made of the song score on top of coffee bean textures. Silver textures shimmer brilliantly in the Bach-like vapor to make the label pop.

Final Label Design