Humulus Bhang Bhang


Bhang Bhang

Branding and label design for the Humulus Project Double IPA, Bhang Bhang.
The brewers at Life Is Brewing developed a new line of India Pale Ales that did not fit into the existing brand catalog, so I developed an entirely new branding imprint called the Humulus Project. We wanted the brand to stand out. Everything about this brand is bold and demands attention. The design jumps off the shelf, the copywriting is introspective. This brand is designed to be enjoyed without distraction at the end of the day as you reflect on things that matter most.



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Humulus Project


Creative Direction
“Be a legend.”
Bhang Bhang


This Double IPA fires a flavor cannon full of Columbus, Centennial, Mosaic, & Simcoe hops that balance perfectly with enough grain to command attention. Ignore distractions and dance with wonderment as you pursue your path each and every day. Bhang Bhang … be a legend. The world needs you. Share your gift. Dream collectively, conceive cooperatively and celebrate grand ideas brought to life. Become the legend that reconfigures the narrative for generations to come.
Bhang Bhang Can
Bhang Bhang


Bhang Title
Bhang Bhang Title
Boldly Unwind
Boldly Unwind
Bhang tree
Particle Tree
Bhang Humulus Logo
Humulus Logo
Bhang Bhang


This beer was originally a part of the Mantra Artisan Ale can series. After I developed the Humulus Project Brand for Life Is Brewing, we migrated the product to the new line and I upgraded the packaging. I modeled the Humulus Project Logo after the Humulus (hops) Molecule, which gives beer its bitter flavor. There is a ton of hops in Humulus Project beer, so I designed the packaging with a huge logo to signify “it’s all about the hops”. I conceived the tag phrase “Boldly Unwind” as a suggestion of how to enjoy the product. The flavor is so bold and complex that it demands attention. It doesn’t need anything else. It’s the perfect beer to enjoy while watching the sunset as you reflect on your day.

Original Mantra Label design before migration
Final Label Design