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Athentikos needed new branding for their I Am Art initiative to empower at-risk youth through creative arts. In the past, the initiative focused on at-risk youth. Athentikos wanted to re-brand the initiative as collaborative impact for both at-risk youth and artists. The goal was to retain an organic hand-made look, but skew the branding to the center of your and artists.

This new branding art direction is symbolic of a paintbrush and a Quetzal (the national bird of Guate) in flight. The Quetzal, symbolic of freedom, is a lavish bird of color, with a long parading tail, and was once believed to die in captivity. This symbol is the perfect metaphor for the I Am Art movement, which exists to help at-risk youth and artists “soar” with new vision and empowerment.


FORM: Branding
GENRE: Creative Art Workshops


Creative Director
Logo Design
T-Shirt Design
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