Becoming Fools is an official selection for the 2013 Omaha Film Festival

Becoming Fools is an official selection for the 2013 Omaha Film Festival!

We are grateful for the opportunity to share Becoming Fools with Omaha and look forward to enjoying the festival events!

We would love to pack the house. Please save the date: Becoming Fools will screen sometime during the festival between March 6-10, 2013.

Stay Tuned for more details.

Thank you to the wonderful team at Omaha Film Festival!

2012 was a year of adventure and blessing for Athentikos

2012 Athentikos Collage

We are grateful to be able to share the journey of 2012 with you:

  • Athentikos took a risk and began production
    on the Becoming Fools documentary without full funding, believing God
    would provide. As of December 2012, the film is 75% complete.
  • Athentikos was blessed with our first production intern, Brandon Rojano.
  • In June, Athentikos partnered with Guatemalan Churches, NGO’s, Local and Federal Government in a consultation event to explore homelessness and present an official report to the Guatemalan Government.
  • In June, homeless youth shared their story through a theatrical performance in front of over 400 people in Guatemala’s historic Teatro Abril.
  • Athentikos served on a leadership team with Lemonade International & Vidas Plenas to host an annual Art Camp
    for 100 at-risk kids in the community of La Limonada. Guatemala.
    Athentikos provided over 70% of the funding through individual donations
    and a grant given by LEGO.

Stories inspire change and hope. We are thankful to be
able to share these incredible blessings from 2012! They would not be
possible without you! Please help Athentikos continue to inspire through
the art of story by giving a tax-deductible gift of $50, $100, $200 or
more. Your investment will be exponentially returned as it inspires through the art of story throughout 2013 and years to come!

Thank you for believing with us and generously sharing your time, talent
and treasure! We are all part of this story to inspire together!

Help us inspire hope by giving a tax-deductible donation.

Please give online today or send a check to:

Athentikos PO Box 1902 Springhill, TN 37174

Thank you,

Scott & Amelia Moore

Sip Smoothies, Share Smiles and Support Athentikos

9 Fruits Nashville Fundraiser June 1
Join the Athentikos team at 9 Fruits in Cool Spring Friday June 1 at 7:30pm to hear about our new film project. Scott, Ericha & Jonathan will be skyping in from Guatemala too. Proceeds from the smoothie sales will be going to the Becoming Fools project.

Can’t make the event but still want to support Athentikos!? The Athentikos crew is getting ready to join Scott this month to finish up filming. CLICK HERE to support us through your financial donations.

International Day For Street Children

Imagine yourself for a moment as a kid again. But this time, your parents are gone, you do not know the next time you will eat, you have no roof over your head when you sleep, and you don’t know where to hide from the abuse of strangers, gang members or even the police. You have no home and no family, except for the other band of kids who have nothing and no one just like you. This is a reality for millions of children living on the streets around the world.

Estimating numbers of ‘street children’ is fraught with difficulties. The exact number of street children is impossible to quantify, but the figure almost certainly runs into tens of millions across the world. It is likely that the numbers are increasing.

The International Day for Street Children: Louder Together was launched by the Consortium for Street Children on 12th April 2011.  It is a new campaign to give a louder voice to the millions of street children all around the world so their rights cannot be ignored. Governments need to listen. We want to help make this happen. We must give street children a voice. Together we are louder and have more impact so we are asking everyone to Raise your Voices for Street Children.

In honor of International Street Children Awareness Day, Athentikos is offering 50% off Reparando digital downloads. Reparando tells the story of several Guatemalans working to bring hope to a beautiful country that has been ravaged after years of civil war and violence. Response to this documentary was overwhelming both in Guatemala, the USA and around the world. Athentikos is producing a new documentary titled Becoming Fools. Becoming Fools focuses on the street youth of Guatemala City and the grassroots efforts working to improve their living situations and give them hope.

Download your copy of Reparando.

Proceeds from Reparando sales go directly toward the Becoming Fools project.
Please support Athentikos as we raise awareness and provide hope to change the lives of street children around the world.


YOU get to decide where we host the WORLD PREMIERE!

The city that raises the most financial support for the Becoming Fools Kickstarter Campaign will host the world premiere of the film FOR FREE*!

Here’s how it works:

1. Back Becoming Fools on Kickstarter before Oct 5, 2011.

2. Include the nearest major city in your profile when you back the project.
(If you have already backed the Becoming Fools Kickstarter Project, it is easy to add the city to your profile.)

3. Ask family, friends and co-workers in your area to do the same.
Work together and WIN! Pledges start at $1. All pledges above $25 receive incentives. Funds are securely transferred through Amazon Payments and NO FUNDS ARE TRANSFERRED UNLESS WE RAISE OUR GOAL. ALL PLEDGES ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE.

It is that simple!

The city that raises the most money for the Becoming Fools Kickstarter project wins! We’ll bring the completed film to your city for the world premiere – FOR FREE! Ask your church, small group and even your barber to join in. Together we can raise the funds needed to tell this story and help these street kids!

Which city will join us in Becoming Fools?

*Becoming Fools World Premiere Contest prize winner depends on a successful Becoming Fools Kickstarter Campaign – raising a total of at least $150,000 by Oct. 5, 2011.

The ‘Becoming Fools’ Campaign Still Needs You

Thank you for all you’ve done so far to tell your friends and family about our campaign for our new film ‘Becoming Fools’ on 129 people have said they want to help street kids in Guatemala by pledging your support, raising over $25,000! We are honored and blessed by this generosity.

Help us reach $45,000 by Monday, September 5.
Make your tax-deductible pledge today.

This would put us just over 30%, which is a very important target to meet because it will put us in good standing with Kickstarter, and may provide more opportunities for promotion through them.

For those who haven’t pledged, is anything holding you back from pledging your support for the film?

Here are some answers to questions we have received.

What is ‘Becoming Fools’ about?

Becoming Fools’ portrays the vision of Italo, a professional clown, Italo, who invested in the lives of kids living in the streets. We want to honor Italo’s life by telling this beautiful story of struggle and hope.

What the problem?

In Guatemala, a child is abandoned every 4 days. 10 children are violently killed every week. Over 6000 children live in the streets. This is not just a Guatemalan problem. There are over a million children on the street worldwide.

Why are they doing it?

We’re passionate about this issue because the problem of street children exists everywhere. We’ve seen the impact a film can make with the success of our previous film, ‘Reparando’, and want to start a movement through this film that will impact thousands.

Why does it cost so much?

There’s a lot that goes into making a film including cost of equipment, travel, time, production, translation, editing, music, packaging and distribution. While we are paying some staff in the U.S. and Guatemala, we do rely on volunteers for a good portion of the work to be done.

How do they pay for it?

We rely on friends and organizations for support. A lot of labor is donated to make this film, reducing the costs. We are using a website called Kickstarter as a way to take pledges from people like you.

What happens if they don’t receive enough pledges?

This project will only be funded if at least $150,000 is pledged by Wednesday Oct 5, 3:16pm EDT. If the campaign doesn’t receive enough pledges, no money will be transferred and the project will not move forward.

How can I help?

We can only do this with your help in giving a tax-deductible donation and promoting the campaign. Pledge at least $25 to Becoming Fools on ourKickstarter page. Tell 4 friends to do the same and have them find 4 more friends who do the same. Promote it on Facebook and Twitter. Talk to friends, churches and organizations.

If I donate, when does the money get charged to my account?

Pledges to our campaign on Kickstarter are charged to your account AFTER the money is raised, after October 5. If all the funds are not raised, no money is transferred from your account at all.

 Make a pledge

We are excited (and yes a little nervous) to step out in faith to devote our time and lives to this film. This story has the potential to make a difference in the lives of street kids in Guatemala and around the world.

Will you join us?
-Scott & Amelia Moore

Big Week

After 3 months of preparation, we officially launched our Kickstarter Campaign on Tuesday to fund the documentary “Becoming Fools”. The first two days have been very encouraging! 5% of our goal has been funded and we have 48 days remaining. We are excited about the progress and very thankful for the 39 project backers who have joined us in Becoming Fools!

Please help us by making a pledge at:

We also developed a fun way to help promote the kickstarter campaign.

Add a hat to your profile pic and join our gallery of fools!

1. Take a photo of yourself and leave room above your head for the hat
2. Click on this link
3. Put the hat twibbon on your head
4. Tag yourself in the photo
5. Tag Becoming Fools in the photo



Ringing Out of Control

I consider myself a strategic thinker. I like intentionality. On a practical level, that means I put a lot of thought into something before I pursue it. I count costs, develop a plan of attack, and then once there is a clear target … I dive in and invest my entire being into whatever it is I am pursuing. I don’t enjoy investing 50%. I am just not wired that way. There are probably many reasons for this characteristic in my life – not the least of which is my desire for control.

I am a story teller (communicator) by trade. So on one level, I want to have control over a message. I want to ensure that I tell stories with clarity and purpose –  simple stories with a rich depth. I prefer stories that connect with your heart immediately, but also reveal something new each time they are experienced. ‘Reparando’ is such a story.

Our goal was simple on paper: inspire viewers to respond. We set out to accomplish this goal using the metaphor of the repaired doll in the over-arching storyline. We wrestled through pre-production for over a year, weaving this metaphor through the story. Everything was intentional – from the “Michelangelo-esque” feel of the hand reaching down to pick up the doll in the title sequence, to the money exchanged as a ransom for doll parts, to the baptismal washing of the doll, to the white dress … I could go on and on … all of these things were intentionally included to reinforce the story of redemption.

During the editing process, I came across a statement by Shorty that inspired me as I scored music for the film. Shorty says “como campanas en mi meante” or in English, “like ringing bells in my mind” when he remembered the message of God’s love in his life. I loved this concept of ringing bells and employed them in the musical score from the very beginning of the film. Watch the film and listen carefully for bells. You will first hear them in the title sequence as the hand reaches down. Then, you’ll hear bells over and over again throughout the story. This was intentional bell ringing. I wanted to communicate that “God loved Shorty and was present from the beginning.”

OK, now fast forward to a few weeks ago when I was in Grand Rapids, Michigan for the final event of our spring screening tour. Oddly, I listened to something in ‘Reparando’ for the first time. I say listened, because I had heard it before, but not connected the dots.

If you own the DVD, fast forward to the final scene of the movie in the market and listen carefully. As the scene builds and eventually plays out, you will hear the sound of a bell ringing out of control. When I say it is ringing out of control, I mean it. Someone is ringing the heck out of a bell and we had no control over it. It was just the natural sound of the market and a vendor was ringing a bell to gain attention. Little did they (or I) know how profound their bell ringing would become. If you listen for the bell, it is clearly present in this scene. But it sat there unnoticed by me for almost two years as I focused on my own intentionality.

I don’t want to over spiritualize it. But these bells reminded me that no matter how much intentionality I put into something, I am not in control. This lesson could not have come at a more profound time. Case in point … immediately after returning home from the Michigan screening / bell epiphany, I learned that I am loosing my day job – the job that actually pays my bills. None of my intentionality or planning mattered at that point. I’m simply not in control.

To be honest, my heart is walking a tightrope between mourning and dancing. I am a critical thinker and a processor. It isn’t just loosing my job. It’s deeper than simply finding a way to replace my income. There is a certain sting that hurts your soul when you are told that your purpose and passion are not valuable – at least when you are wired like me. It cuts deep. However, I have learned a couple things through Shorty & Tita in the film ‘Reparando’ :

1. God was, is, and will be in control of Shorty and Tita’s life. And the same holds true for mine.

2. Because God is in control, I don’t need to be.

I cling to this truth as I walk forward in faith, hoping to pursue Athentikos full time. That is my dream and perhaps my calling. Only time will tell. But even if for some reason I cannot pursue this dream, I will joyfully dance to the sound of bells that continue ringing out of control.