About me

I’m an “ambidextrous lefty” who loves to explore and connect dots in creative problem-solving and storytelling, regardless of the medium — copywriting, design, media production.

Scott Owen Moore

Passion & Balance

Aside from my nunchuck and bow staff skills, I have a lot to offer … (that was a Napoleon Dynamite movie reference thrown in for humor). Balance is important to me. I believe in the adage, “work hard, play hard … and live deep”. As a passionate and creative number 5 with a 4 wing on the Enneagram, I explore because I care deeply about the why behind the what. Purpose matters to me and I live and lead with intentionality. Peers have described my dedication to the mission as relentless. But my tenacious dedication is matched with sensitivity towards others and a sense of humor that comes in handy when times get stressful. I am serious when needed, but I love to laugh … laughter is good for the soul.

Scott Owen Moore

Creativity & Experience

I’ve led creative for over 25 in the fields of education, music business, film industry, nonprofits, beverage industry, entrepreneurial startups, and agency. My skills include ideation, music and film production, design, direction, copywriting, editing, pitching, planning, post-production, and marketing.

Humility & Leadership

Over the course of life, I’ve learned countless lessons to pull out of my leadership tool chest. In the theatre, I learned the value of an ensemble working on a clear and focused goal. As a community group leader at church for over a decade, I learned to ask beautiful questions and then listen … and listen some more … and then ask more beautiful questions. That is where truth begins to reveal itself. In the entrepreneurial world of craft beverages, I learned that business flies at light speed, and creative processes need acceleration and rapid development. Strategic lexicons and templates enable tactical productivity. As a nonprofit founder, I learned that passion can inspire and activate an audience but it’s not enough to accomplish a mission. It takes an ensemble per the lesson learned in theatre. As the father of two sons adopted from Guatemala I bring the humility required to face daily challenges, fail miserably, admit failure, learn from my mistakes, get up again, and continue to invest in a worthy cause. Whether it’s a client, my son, or a total stranger, I meet people where they are with a humble and encouraging spirit.