Green Light For Becoming Fools

We purchased airline tickets to Guatemala.

Two weeks from today we will board a plane to Guatemala and Becoming Fools will officially move from Pre-Production status to Production! I cannot even begin to explain the excitement that is building in our hearts!

If you have not already done so, please make your pledged donation directly through our website at

You might be asking why we are moving forward even though we didn’t hit our fundraising goal … or … why we didn’t just raise funds through our site to begin with?

We ran a Kickstarter campaign because thought it would allow us to reach a broader audience, outside of our sphere of influence. People from all over the world go to Kickstarter to fund creative projects. It is a great accountability system and caused us to work very hard hard.

We were inspired by the momentum gained in the last week and decided to prepare a contingency plan in case we didn’t reach our goal. So we spent the last three days of our Kickstarter campaign getting our web site set up to receive donations in case we didn’t reach the goal. In the end, we came REALLY close by raising over $105,000, but we didn’t reach our goal. Therefore no cards were charged and none of the pledges were collected.

But stop for a moment …


This is HUGE. I cannot state this enough. Seriously … WOW! And when you take into account that the entire Kickstarter web site was down during the last hour or so of our campaign … we probably would have raised even more … maybe even hit our goal!

Kickstarter is an all or nothing platform, so we don’t receive any of those pledges (and again .. your cards were not charged). BUT YOU INSPIRED US! We realized we can move forward taking steps of faith and trust God to bring the rest. So, we purchased airline tickets and are making this official – Becoming Fools has a green light!

As of today, $40,740 has been given through our web site. If you were one of the people who contributed to the $105,000 in pledges, we humbly ask you to help us by giving your pledge through our web site. We believe this story will make a difference and are moving forward into production. Let’s do this together … Comedy wins in the end!

Thanks & God Speed,

Scott Owen Moore

Moving Forward

Thank you for backing Becoming Fools!

We received a $10,000 check today. With that we’ve raised over $100,000!

Unfortunately we did not reach our goal of $150,000, therefore NO MONEY will be transferred due to Kickstarter’s policies. But we are not giving up. With your help, this film can still get underway …

We want to move forward with this important film and will begin production in November.

Please make your donation directly through our website at

Together, we will build on the momentum that has been set in motion the last few weeks and tell this story to ignite a movement to impact the lives of homeless children around the globe.

We will honor the incentives promised to you and keep you updated through our website and bi-monthly emails. If you would like to maximize funds available towards production you can opt out of your incentive.

Please note, after today our Kickstarter project will close and we will not be able to contact you through this page. (But the good news is that we will save money by not having to pay the Kickstarer fee!)

If you have any questions, please email us at And please remember to sign up for our bi-monthly newsletter to receive updates about this project.

Thanks for joining us in Becoming Fools,

Scott and Amelia Moore


We’re 48 days into the campaign with two days left to raise our goal … and we have a ways to go to get there. I can remember other times in my life when things seemed impossible. During times like these, I like to go back and read old journal entries that describe road blocks … and detours. They put things in perspective.

On March 4, 2005, After years of wrestling with infertility, I wrote in my Journal:

“I believe in a God of miracles … Lord, my prayer has been ‘If it is your will, then please give us a child’. I want to take risks and be bold in my faith. So as a result, I am changing my prayer. From now on, my prayer is, ‘Lord, please give us a child’. I pray this with expectation of your faithfulness … So much so, that I am leaving space here to write down the date when we receive a child to be able to document your your love and grace.”

On May 11, 2006, Amelia and I flew to Guatemala to receive our son Micah. I sat in seat 16 C and was so excited I couldn’t even write. We celebrated Mother’s Day in Guatemala City with our son a few days later. It was the best Mother’s Day present ever!

Amelia and I were heartbroken in 2005 and it seemed impossible. But I am glad we walked through the realm of impossibility together. And, I’m glad we wrote down the details of our journey – including the depth of our despair. Not so we could focus on the negative, but to illuminate the fact that we didn’t go from the depth of despair to miraculous joy on our own.

Perspective is everything. We can look back and remember, why we started a journey… and why we should keep going. It also helps us remember that we are not alone in this journey … and that the fruit along the way is not only for our own enjoyment.

I decided to get a little perspective. So, I went back and started watching our documentary Reparando. Much like Becoming Fools, there were times during production of Reparando when we didn’t think we could make it. There were times when we were exhausted, laying on the floor … crying for help. But we kept walking on this journey. And, although it was tough … the fruit of that project is exponentially and eternally greater than the sum of the effort we put into it.

I would like to share the first 7 minutes of Reparando with you as a reminder of what is possible and why we continue this journey. Over 4,000 people have liked this project. If everyone who liked it would back it, we would have more than we need to make our goal.

If you have not yet backed this project, I ask you to join us. Make a pledge today and ask your friends to do the same. We can enjoy the journey together. The fruit is sweet.