T-Minus 12 Hours

It is hard to believe that July 29 is already upon us. Time flies when you have a lot to do. After all the writing, planning, editing, drawing, more planning, laughing, crying and even more planning … here we go again.

I am not certain what to expect on this trip.  We are headed down with a very long list of footage that we would like to capture and are doing our best to be as thorough as possible. We have categorized our shots in a database with storyboards, detailed camera direction, character, location, etc – and we can pull reports “out the wazoo” and check things off as we go. Yet, I recently read a quote in a book, “No amount of planning stands up to contact with an enemy.” This is so true. So, in addition to the massive amount of planning, we are prepared to flex.

Hopefully we will come back home with the footage we need to finish our project. Regardless … I know we will return home with incredible stories. Stay tuned …

T-Minus 6 Days …

We are 6 days out from our return trip and are trying to get all the odds and ends completed before we leave. Our stories are written, shots are outlined and we are finalizing our storyboards (Stephen Major Chisholm is cranking them out like a machine).

I have developed a database to keep this enormous amount of data together so we can check things off and log them as we complete them in Guatemala. Our production team is much smaller this time, so we need to streamline things as much as possible … last time we had 16 … this time we have four.  Hopefully this data prototype will work as planned.

We are excited about this opportunity to continue working on this amazing project.

Athentikos Production Team - Summer 2009

Athentikos Production Team – Summer 2009
Bobby, Bengy, J.Mac, Scott

We plan on posting video podcasts of our daily production while we are in Guatemala.  You can view them here in our blog, or subscribe to them in iTunes by going here:


T-Minus 14 Days

Two weeks from today we will step onto a plane anticipating inspiration.  We travel back to Guatemala on July 29 to continue production for our documentary.  For the last 7 months we have edited footage, focused it down and woven several stories together into a greater story of hope in the midst of need.  This has been no easy task, because every story is incredible.  We would love to include them all in our feature, but the art of story telling requires us to be willing to cut our “favorite” for the greater story.  So, we have decided to have our cake and eat it too … We will focus on 4 stories for our feature and then include short videos for all of our stories as bonus features on the DVD.

Stay tuned for “behind the scenes webisodes” which we will post during our time in Guatemala.